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DLBank Strategy is the art of using size and agility to outwit larger opponents. DLBank is built to be fast and nimble, helping our customers capitalise on the right opportunities, opportunities they might otherwise have missed.

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You choose how to save, invest your funds and when to reclaim your money.

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Grow Your Savings Automatically

Save money while you spend. Save when you earn

Saving money has never been so simple. We provide the safest packages and offers that help you grow your savings without thinking about it. Digital Life Bank's Automatic System is one with several opportinities that allow you to automate your retirement plan and achieve your goals faster.

  • Save When You Spend: We round up every DLB transaction to the nearest dollar and transfer the Round Up from your earning packages to your Personal Account.
  • Save When You Earn: Automatically receive your interest at when due, of every opportunity participated and more directly into your DLB Account when you set up one with us.
Help us build the kind of bank you want to use

Put Your Money to Work

Full financial visibility with your various account types all in one place. Get interest on your money, personalised investing, budgeting and much more.

  • Built to say ‘yes’, faster: Purpose-built to make it easier for your business to get the funding you need, when you need it.
  • Focus on relationships: Banking as it used to be, banking as it should be.
  • Purpose-built challenger: Challenging the status quo to give SMEs a fairer go when it comes to banking.
DLBank Guarantee

DLBank Offers / Packages

Reasons to invest with Digital Life Bank

  • All eligible deposits you have with Digital Life Bank, up to $250,000, are guaranteed under the Insurance Financial Claims Scheme
  • 0% – the amount of your deposit and interest you sacrifice to fees.
  • If you roll over your maturing Offers into a new Term, you can earn bonuses, interests and more offers for the new term, on top of our standard Term rates.
  • We can help provide certainty that you can make payments to your landlord, customer or supplier
Making a difference

Building a Foundation

With our members in all 50 states, each experiencing their own financial triumphs and challenges. We strive to be a resource for families, help them stay on top of their finances, avoid unnecessary fees and create a solid financial foundation.

Creating Impact

Chime distributed more than $600,000 in grants in 2020 to support partner organizations, social causes, and COVID-19 and disaster relief. This included multi-year grants, unrestricted funding, employee matched donations, and grants through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

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Financial people think digital will beat physical by 2030

If true, we really are in a seismic change moment, where money takes a new form and a new method. What do you think?

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19 May, 2008

Digital Life Bank Launches Bank Earn to Enable Institutional Access to Crypto Earning Economy

Staking services will enable institutions to earn rewards on Proof-of-Stake protocols including Polkadot, Tezos and Card...

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